FRIDAY 15th JUNE 2018 - Belfast Castle

Workshops with Maja Petrovic and Marko Miljevic

Workshop 1 Frday 5pm-6:30pm AL6 Walking and/in the Close Embrace

Since walking and embracing are the essence of tango, in this lesson we will focus on how to walk elegantly and effortlessly in close embrace, Through different exercises (alone and in couples) we will show you how to make and keep a comfortable and soft close embrace and also work on the technique of walking , both for leaders and followers. (Replaces CyN theme: walk containment and projection)

Workshop 2 Friday 7pm - 8:30pm I/A1 Couples Technique 1: Presence and Connection  

In this lesson we will focus on finding and keeping a clear presence and strong connection in the couple. As presence we define the way of carrying and using our own bodies while dancing. The connection is created when two present bodies, aware of each other, hug. We will go through different exercises (both alone and in the couple) for body awareness, communication, musicality and technique of walking. If time allows , in the end of the lesson we will walk in close embrace. (Replaces CyN Workshop 2 : Musicality and Importance of Connection)

TiTango Festival  Welcome Milonga 9pm - 1:00am DJ Enrique Ringa

SATURDAY 16th JUNE 2018 - Belfast Castle

Workshop 3: 12:30-2:00 AL12 Cross and the axis

Cross is the one of the first and most basic elements in tango. We all dance it (a lot) and it wouldn't hurt  having a few more options there.  We will explore different exits from the cross by controlling the axis. This will not only improve our improvisation skills but will also give us more possibilities in navigating the crowded floor. (Replaces CyN Workshop 3: Crosses)

Workshop 4 : Saturday 2:30pm - 4pm I/A4 Circular Movements Around Common Axis

In this lesson we will show you one of our favourite figures. By analysing it into details, we will explain the idea of smooth circular movement in close embrace. This combination will give you a possibility to add some vertical change of dynamics to your dance, which comes in very handy at crowded milongas. We will also spice it up with different entries, exits and embellishments. (Replaces CyN workshop 3: Crosses)

Workshop 5: 4:30pm - 6pm  A3 Controlling the Giro with Embrace

Here we will show you how to break the usual patterns in giro through different intensity of the embrace. We will use the embrace to "block" the giro in different moments , without loosing the circularity and the connection. (Replaces CyN workshop 5: Action Reaction; playing with the roles for the understanding of followers suggestions)

ArgentineTango Taster Class

6:15pm - 7:15pm Argentine Tango Taster Class with  TangoFiesta


with Performance from Maja Petrovic & Marko Miljevic 

8.30pm - 3.00am 

(DJ Olga “Milolga” from Alicante La Casa del Tango)


SUNDAY 17th JUNE 2018 - Belfast Castle

1pm - 2:30pm Workshop 6 I/A18 Milonga: Symmetrical Embrace

Through a fun pattern of steps we would like to break the habit of having only "open" and only "closed" side of the embrace. Depending on how equally we use both sides of our embrace, we will influence the shape of the steps. If the time allows us, we will include an embellishment to spice up the combination. (Replaces CyN Workshop 6: Flexibility in the embrace-transition between close and open embrace)


 3:00pm  –7:00pm  DJ James from UK