Tango paintings and sketches by Tim Wood

"Teaching Art and Design in secondaty schools for 30 years finally killed my creative urge. Tango rekindled the fire, and having danced for about eight years, I thought it was about time I started to externalise as much of what I was learning as possible.

Having been through the maze of good teachers, bad teachers and great teachers, and danced with good dancers, bad dancers and great dancers I now know what I like. I just have to get there!

My pictures are not about an image of Tango from the outside - not about the gloss and glamour so often portrayed as 'Tango' on the screen or in photographs - but it is about 'real' Tango. About the people I dance with and learn from, about small places and small groups, about the spirit of connection with my partner, my teacher and the whole Tango community I have met, and have yet to meet." 

Jewellery and scarves by Jennifer Keegan