The Titanic and Belfast's new Titanic Quarter

Few cities are as closely identified with their docks as Belfast. Emerging from the shallow mud-flats of the Lagan estuary in the 19th century their success drove the city’s development and propelled its explosive population growth from 70,000 in 1842 to 385,000 in 1911. This period defined the city socially, economically, and politically. 

Opened on 30 March 2012 Titanic Belfast - a new landmark building at the heart of the Titanic Quarter - is a centenary celebration of the city at its pomp. A time when it boasted the world’s biggest shipyard and was constructing the largest, most luxurious boats of the day. These included the three Olympic-class sister ships for the White Star Line – Olympic, Britannic, and of course Titanic - whose tragic voyage first began on 2 April 1912 when it left Belfast.

At a quarter to midnight on Sunday 14 April 1912 the White Star liner Titanic struck an icecberg on its maiden crossing from Southampton to New York. It sank two and half hours later with the loss of 1,517 lives.

Today the mighty ship yards are all but gone. Taking their place is one of the largest inner-city mixed-use regeneration schemes in Europe - the planned 185 acre Titanic Quarter. The centrepiece is Titanic Belfast - a spiky, theatrical, six-storey aluminium and glass pavilion containing a civic museum that aims to be the new face of old Belfast.


Titanic Experience

The iconic Titanic Visitors Centre has now opened in Belfast's Titanic Quarter. Titanic Belfast has over 9 galleries drawing together special effects, rides, full scale reconstructions, and more to tell the Titanic story from start to finish. Entrance approximately £13.   

Titanic Walking Tours

Walk in the footsteps of Titanic’s builders and explore the key sites of Titanic’s construction with a tour of the Titanic Quarter. The first stop on the tour is S.S Nomadic, then the original drawing offices, Titanic’s slipways, and finally exclusive access Titanic’s Dock & Pumphouse.

 Workers leaving Titanic shipyard, Belfast 1911

Belfast's new Titanic Quarter (under construction)

Titanic Visitors Centre, opened March 2012